Export Masters Industries is also active in international Market deals with trading yarns/fabrics/Bed Sheets/Towels or anything known in international market to be produced in Pakistan & Asia   . We are strategically based in Sialkot with representative offices in Lahore/Faisalabad & Karachi.

Being a European managed Trading Department. We understand clearly the needs of our customers. Our strength relies on our buying capabilities through an extensive network of selected suppliers and on our team of quality controllers trained and managed by European Professionals.

In conclusion, we are your European presence in Asia and we can serve you in German, Spanish, Italian, Catalan & English.


We have state of the art Knitting Facility (Circular and Warp knitting) to accommodate the production requirements which run round the clock. With the help of latest technology and experience we have a varied capacity from 7 Gauge to 28 Gauge machines that produce single & double knit fabrics. A full range of knitting machines which enable us to produce all types of knitted fabrics included all type of Fleece, meshes, Jersey, Pique, Stripers, Waffles, Terry, Interlock, Jacquard, and full range of ribs including in cotton blends and synthetics.


We have state of the art Weaving Facility to accommodate the production requirements which run round the clock. With the help of latest technology and experience knowing warp thread (End) and weft thread (pick) Counts. Understanding from Back strap loom to Power & Jacquard looms usage. We have a varied capacity to Produce Plain weave, Basketweave, Twill weave & Satin weave.


Our very well-equipped Dyeing department with a production capacity of around 5000 Kgs / 10000 Meters of dyeing per day allows us to fully meet our dyeing requirements. We have dyeing machines for dyeing cotton fabric and a fully computerized high temperature jet-dyeing machine to dye all kinds of synthetic fabrics including polyester and nylons. A well-equipped Processing laboratory ensures all Lab test parameters.


Understanding that Fabric Cutting & Patterns Play an important roles in Product making. Our cutting departments have an overall capacity of 2500 pieces per day. Having modern GGT technology we are able to provide the best value to our customers.


With the ability to stitch more than 2500 pieces per day, we have dedicated stitching lines designed for different products including Round Neck Shirts ,Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts ,Trousers, Track Suits, Gym Leggings, Rash Guards, Multi pocket jeans, jackets, shirts, Lab Coats , Chaff Wear, Uniforms and other high fashioned complicated designs as well executing it with traditional as well as modern lean methods of production.


We deal with international clients having a respectable name in the fashion apparel industry and our objective is to offer them with world-class products in terms of design and quality. Our dedicated design teams work on mood boards and color palettes, while indulging in analyzing and forecasting future trends for our clients with their Brands Name on Products.


Structure, quality, and visual appeal are our specialty. Export Masters Industries also provides custom packaging for your Products, Apparel & accessories. You can be assured that your Product Packaging no matter in Bulk Packing or Single Piece gift boxes is made to reflect the quality of your products as well as the personality of your brand. No matter the challenge, we will help you create an outstanding and stunning fashion box or simple strong boxes, fit for your product’s needs and Freight handling.


OUR trained auditors assess the quality facilities, procedures and systems providing an independent assessment of the Product quality systems and an independent view of the facility’s precision in producing consistent quality products. To ensure conformance with per-approved samples, our inspectors randomly select finished goods, compare these with established criteria, and report their findings based upon predetermined Acceptance Quality Level (AQL) before shipping.